We provide the best water and wastewater treatment solutions for industries, municipalities, developers, and water and wastewater companies across the globe.  We are a proficiency, knowledge and technology-driven company in setting up complex and advanced water and wastewater treatment turnkey projects. Our resilient and innovative technologies and solutions focus on recovering resources and producing high-quality water and energy, such as membrane bioreactors, zero liquid discharge, high recovery reverse osmosis, and waste-to-energy via anaerobic digestion.

Our commitments

NeerCare shall always remain a professionally-managed Indian multinational with market leadership in evolving markets and a significant position in the global market, both in the EPC and service sector of the water business.

NeerCare shall always encourage and practise a culture of caring, trust and continuous learning while meeting the expectations of employees, stakeholders and society.

We are committed:

  • At your side, to imagine, design and bring to life future cities
  • To create a pollution-free environment by recycling our resources wherever possible and maximizing the usage of alternate energies
  • To create an extensive drainage system, ensuring sustainable habitats across our cities, town and villages.
  • To create awareness amongst our population and encourage the participation of society to achieve our vision.
  • At skilling our youth on modern technology that will ensure a clean environment across all facilities of life.
  • To ensure Job-development through all our activities for our youth and society.
  • To conduct continuous research and development in water and wastewater treatment to achieve our vision.

Global presence

NeerCare is targeting its international presence in South East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America other than India.

We are interacting with an ideal mix of municipal and industrial clients while committed to reposing their faith in our competency, both technical and commercial.

NeerCare, along with its subsidiaries, will be a globally present entity, a locally driven business organisation in diverse fields and technology in the years to come.

Our trustworthy management

Our leadership has decades of experience building and operating water and wastewater treatment facilities across industry types and geographies and developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex and challenging treatment problems.  We are leaders in the water and wastewater treatment field and look forward to bringing best-in-class solutions for your treatment needs. 

Our CMD, Mr Neeraj Srivastava, has over three decades of experience in municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment and has successfully built and operated hundreds of water and wastewater treatment projects globally.  He is encircled by a competent and knowledgeable leadership team guaranteeing best-in-class solutions.