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Working at NeerCare means playing a part in establishing a sustainable environment. Modernizing, Innovating, accumulating vitality to your profession, and tracking professional and individual growth.

Why Choose us?

By joining NeerCare, you will take real action to ensure access to essential services: providing clean water, preserving shared resources, and recovering wastewater and waste from transforming them into new resources. Innovate daily within committed teams and forge a meaningful career!

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No matter which job they do, our employees are part of our innovative projects and are invited to use their talent to work for the protection of resources. Engineers, Technicians, sales representatives, experts, whatever your role, go for professional and personal development. Students and young graduates

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At NeerCare, our employees are the resource we put first. If you join us, you will be doing meaningful work. By working alongside our experts or through our many development programs (training, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, etc.), you will develop your skills and get your career off to a good start. Allow yourself to flourish in an environmental line of work: process engineer, project engineer, proposal engineer, marketing representative, business development, procurement engineer, maintenance technician, operations manager, or network technician. When it comes to jobs dealing with water, air quality, waste treatment and recycling, the possibilities are boundless! 

As a NeerCareite, we are each an innovative entrepreneurs and part of a powerful team dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction and value development.

Do you want to take real action for the environment?

Whether it is an internship, a training program or your first job, get involved in providing people and the planet with the resources for a common future.” 

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