“Let’s together save our environment.”

About NeerCare

Today world is encountering increasing ecological complications, and NeerCare is contributing towards the ecosystem by providing sustainable water and wastewater treatment, recycle & reuse solutions, thereby improving the eminence of life. NeerCare was started in 2017, and it is one of India’s most evolving establishments in the water and wastewater treatment, recycling & reuse intergalactic.

NeerCare is headquartered in New Delhi, employs more than 120 professionals, and is committed to emerging as a global water and wastewater treatment company. The company’s key competencies lie in the turnkey execution and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants for the municipal and industrial sectors. NeerCare has advanced its skills in handling EPC projects of significant scale across numerous areas, including municipal and industrial sectors. We promote and implement accountable behaviours, more efficient technologies and innovative water reuse and recycling solutions, making the greatest imaginable use of the Earth’s finite resources.

We provide the best water and wastewater treatment solutions for industries, municipalities, developers, and water and wastewater companies across the globe.  We are a proficiency, knowledge and technology-driven company in setting up complex and advanced water and wastewater treatment turnkey projects. Our resilient and innovative technologies and solutions focus on recovering resources and producing high-quality water and energy, such as membrane bioreactors, zero liquid discharge, high recovery reverse osmosis, and waste-to-energy via anaerobic digestion.

Fundamental beliefs

Our fundamental beliefs remain our foremost mantra in all our work and commitments. Following these, we develop long-term relationships with our customers and peers.

Pledge to Customers

Pledge to Customers

We make our customer’s dreams a reality.


We have the quality of being remarkable and unique.


We are guided by honesty and truthfulness.


We fulfil our obligations towards our work and actions.


We honour the role of each team member.

Our ongoing reference projects

⦁ Design and build a Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 30MLD on SBR technology, including MPS (45 MLD) and all appurtenant structures and allied works at Munger, Bihar, for BUIDCO.

⦁ NMCG funded the project of Upgradation of 4.5 MLD CETP based on the Zero Liquid Discharge concept at Banthar Tannery Industrial Area for BIPCC

⦁ Design, Build, Rehabilitate, Finance, Operate and Transfer 8.5 MLD Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) on SBR technology at Pakka Pokhra, Mirzapur, for UPJN under Namami Gange

⦁ Design, Build, Rehabilitate, Finance, Operate and Transfer 8.5 MLD Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) on SBR technology at Bisunderpur, Mirzapur, for UPJN under Namami Gange.

⦁ The survey, design, review and build a new underground sewerage network of about 167.23 km, including trenchless & survey, design, and construction of 5 No. Pumping stations and all appurtenant structures and allied works; at Munger, Bihar, for BUIDCO.

A message from CMD

We started our journey in 2017 with a mission in the area of conservation of water and wastewater treatment, recycling and reuse as well as sludge management with innovative technologies. We provide engineering consultancy and services during project implementation and operation and maintenance.

Our obligation is to provide the highest quality products and services to meet the requirements of our customers. Neercare India Pvt. Ltd. has the ability to execute small, medium and large-scale water and wastewater treatment projects. Each day is a new day, dawned with new challenges appearing on the horizon to be scaled. Our team of professionals and experts take these challenges as targets and successfully achieve them to the satisfaction of our valued customers.

From concept to completion, NeerCare India Pvt. Ltd. provides a full range of services that are designed to aid our customers in achieving their objectives. Our experience and resources allow us to provide customised water and wastewater treatment solutions based on the quality of effluent and the required degree of treatment.  Neercare India Pvt. Ltd. has the expertise to offer a wide range of services like Project Execution, Project management, Project Consultancy, Bid Preparation, Bid Evaluation, Tendering and DPR Preparation, Environmental Engineering, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, Project co-ordination/ Administration, Project Scheduling, Quality Management, Risk Management, Health and Safety.

For us, our core values are understanding our customer’s demands with precision. This guides us in our entire strategy and decision-making.

Quality management system and quality control is the essence of our engineering services with the highest accuracy. This is our top priority to keep ahead of the latest norms so that our clients retain their long-lasting business relationships with us.

Mr Neeraj Srivastava

Chairman & Managing Director

NeerCare India Pvt. Ltd