Our vision

Our vision is to empower organisations worldwide to build state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment systems. Our vision is to contribute towards pollution control and abatement and reduce wastewater’s impact on the environment and health, thereby providing sustainable solutions for a healthier life. We are deeply rooted in our communities and committed to giving people and the planet with the resources for a common future.

We work alongside our clients and stay there at every step of the project cycle, providing the critical knowledge, equipment, automation, and technology needed to successfully build and operate long-lasting treatment facilities.

Critical issue

Rising population, urbanisation and new modes of production and consumption are all generating more and more wastewater, which has become a critical issue for public health and the environment. Disposing untreated or poorly treated wastewater in the natural environment produces catastrophic pollution for biodiversity and water resources. This is why proper water and wastewater treatment is critical to community and environmental well-being.  Furthermore, wastewater is a treasured resource that can supplement and preserve freshwater supplies and generate bioenergy and nutrients. To accomplish our vision, we work daily to build much-needed water and wastewater infrastructure to reduce water scarcity and promote environmental sustainability.

NeerCare goal

Our goal is to offer clean drinking water to an increasing number of people while ensuring ecologically safe disposal of municipal and industrial wastewater. We are devoted to making a long-term contribution to environmental conservation and improved quality of life. This objective motivates us to create new technologies and continuously optimise old processes, focusing on expanding markets. Our achievement contributes to preserving one of the Earth’s greatest assets, the basic foundation of life – water.

Our strategy

NeerCare leverages its profound expertise in water and wastewater treatment, its ability to manage complex projects at a large scale, its partnership culture, and deeply committed teams to generate environmental and social value deeply engrained in its DNA that comes out as its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and services. 

We strategize towards maintaining long-term relations with our clients through profoundly committed and passionate teams, putting their ingenuity at the service of society, driven by making a difference and providing solutions to our collective environmental and societal challenges. Our strategy will lead us to become the most trusted partner for circular solutions in water and wastewater treatment. 

It will be a step change and relies on three basic principles: 

Value creation

Value creation comes from being more selective with our initiatives, managing risks better, and making digital and services a competitive advantage.


Emphasis on our principal business: the value chain of waste and water treatment expertise as well as our associated services and on our core markets, which combine resilient, stable markets with an appetite for innovation, rapid growth, and evolving more stringent environmental norms.


Multiplicity is achieved through a distinct selling strategy to our clients, which combines unique construction knowledge with recognized leadership in digital, end-user experience, and innovation. All are underpinned by demonstrated commitments to people, the earth, and nature.

This approach will allow us to be a reference in our sector by 2027. We are known for our agility, ability to generate value and innovate, and devotion to people, nature, and the planet.

Selecting NeerCare: our value proposition for our clients
⦁ Principle #1

To provide access to water and wastewater treatment services with resilient and innovative solutions. At NeerCare we implement actions and bring solutions that will allow us to grow and improve our quality of life. Through digitisation and automation, we offer our clients innovative water and wastewater management models and help them surpass their water quality, recycling, and waste recovery standards.

⦁ Principle #2

To create value over the entire lifespan of their assets and services. At NeerCare, with technology and continuous innovation, we allow our clients to extend and enhance the operations of their assets and make them reserve enablers. For example, we initiate new lifecycles for waste flows, such as plastics, metals, and organic waste, and optimise water treatment, production and management.

⦁ Principle #3
As a passionate and committed team, we enable our customers worldwide to drive the ecological transition together with their end users. At NeerCare, partnering with our clients in engaging their end users to develop a more sustainable lifestyle is an essential step in protecting nature. We provide a complete set of water, recycling, and recovery services with intelligent and digital solutions to support responsible behaviours and encourage end users to preserve their environment actively.

Building a green change

NeerCare Consulting has provided its consulting and engineering expertise to local authorities and public entities aiming to sustainably develop their cities and regions and o industrial clients wishing to adapt their production tools to the green transition. As a result, we can design and develop responsible projects that positively impact our environment.
NeerCare Consulting supports its customers at every stage of their projects: from the strategic location, with strategic consultancy and technical assistance, to studies and blueprints, from design and supervision of work to decommissioning and help with operations, with expertise in project management, contracting authority support, auditing, and knowledge transfer through training.
NeerCare Consulting teams offer integral and optimised project design to meet costs, deadlines and environmental priorities, drawing on its technical experience, detailed expertise and a focused approach to its customers’ expectations and ecosystems.

In critical areas of the city – water & wastewater infrastructures, environment & waste circular economy, urban planning, mobilities, energy transition and economy & governance – the teams carry out a variety of missions. Building high-performance and sustainable infrastructures that contribute to territories’ attractiveness